Extra Large Basswood Rustic Country Round - 11" to 13" Wide

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These Basswood Country Rounds are the perfect choice for a wood burned gift created for that Special Couple having a rustic wedding

or even as signs or table rounds with the bride and groom's initials or names and dates burned onto them. Also a great choice for a wide variety of portraits and other artistic designs.

This Made in America product is sold by width increments only and may appear oval in shape due to the angled cut. All pieces are kiln dried and sanded by to ensure the natural tree bark is retained. This is a natural product so each piece will be unique in size and look. We do not offer or guarantee the length and this will vary. The width will be between 11-inches (279mm) and 12-inches (305mm) wide by 5/8-inches (16mm) thick. Made in the USA.

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