Finished McCown Family Portrait

Adopted Family Portrait

This wonderful family portrait is the second project I have worked on for one of my fantastic clients. I was thrilled and honored to work on another piece for him. This time the burning was to be a commemorative portrait of their beautiful family. This gift is from four siblings to their adoptive father. They want to give it to him on the anniversary of their adoption date.

Interestingly, and unbeknownst to me, my client grew up in my hometown, and his older sister went to the same high school I attended!

Small world!

The funny part is, he contacted me back in 2016 to burn a MEMORIAL PORTRAIT for him. That project was of their young adult son, who passed away in 2011. He wanted it as a special gift for his wife for Christmas. And he was so pleased with how the project turned out that he reached out to me again this year with a request for an unforgettable family portrait.

The adult kids wanted a relatively large piece, suitable for displaying all six family members. So, we selected a nice, 12″x16″ bare plaque from Walnut Hollow, a manufacturer I know I can trust for quality wood products.

The only photo the family has with everyone present is the one displayed below. My client sent me a digital scan of the very old photo, which offered only a very poor rendition of the image. But I took my time to make sure each family member was depicted as true to life as possible, from what I could see in that photo.

As always, I stayed in close contact with my client, sending photo updates via text at each step to make sure he was pleased with the project as we moved forward toward completion.

Here are a couple of high-speed videos depicting HOW I BURN A VIKINGS PICTURE that you might enjoy!