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Baby Memorial Box and Urn


Back around 2012, we had moved back to the city, and I was primarily working on my online raw foods magazine, still burning on wood as a hobby, but I hadn’t done much to promote my art, aside from building a Facebook page. I placed an ad on Craigslist and was surprised when a young mother emailed me about burning a simple design onto a baby memorial box her husband and father-in-law had handcrafted.

She initially wanted me to burn onto a small box they made as an urn for their recently stillborn son’s ashes. It was a very sad story, their first child, and they were heartbroken.

I was honored that she found my ad and reached out to me. She said they had looked around for a professional pyrographer local to the Portland area. But the only artist they could find before locating my ad was someone in Hawaii. They wanted to hire someone in the area.

She brought the box over, and I lovingly reproduced their design with great care and attention to detail.



Baby Urn

After viewing my work, she and her husband decided to hire me for the burning of the larger baby memorial box. They intended to store this smaller urn inside that box with several other items they’d purchased and received as gifts. I spent quite a bit of time finding different fonts for the lettering and sending samples over to the couple via email for approval before moving forward on the project. I was very nervous about working on this one-of-a-kind cherry wood box, handcrafted specifically for this purpose. What if I made a mistake? What if they weren’t happy with the result?


My clients cried when they saw the finished baby memorial box. We shed tears together when they came to pick up the completed piece. As a mother of three children, my heart ached for them and their difficult loss. I love the testimonial the mother sent me for publishing on my website and social media afterward.




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