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Brian W. McCown Memorial Portrait

This memorial was ordered by a father who wanted a special Christmas gift for his wife. The project touched my heart, as it is a loving dedication to their young adult son, who passed away in 2011.

Together, my client and I decided on a large oval plaque. Since the photo was black and white, I asked my client if he would like to add some spot-color to give life to the image. He loved the idea and told me that the tie their son was wearing in that photo was red, with the rose on his lapel being a soft yellow. I added color to reflect those elements and some skin-tone and shading to his face using artist-grade colored pencils.

I finished off this unique piece with a hand-burned frame all around the edge of the wooden plaque, which set off the rest of the burning beautifully.

My client was delighted with the finished memorial piece.

Here’s another BABY PORTRAIT and BIRTH STATS PLAQUE with color added that you might enjoy.


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