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Business Signs and Services

Handcrafted Signs and Plaques For Business

Tracy at work on the Haymaker signHIRE ME to reproduce your logo or other lettering/images on exterior or interior signs for your business. When you’re looking for something truly special, one-of-a-kind, and rustic I’m your gal!

With over 20 years experience honing my skill I’ve become pretty darn precise in my ability to transform your graphic into an original work of pyrographic art!

I also hand-letter employee/donor/member appreciation and recognition plaques, boxes of any kind (personalized wine boxes – filled with your choice of wine, of course! – make especially nice gifts or rewards!), high-end cutting boards (great for realtor gifts, restaurant or culinary industry gifts, house warming presents, customer Christmas thank-you’s, etc.)

Sure, you can find a local laser engraving company to mass-produce something for you. But they won’t offer the depth and variation of burn that comes with a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece! So, when you really care about quality and warmth,  CONTACT ME!

The gallery below offers a sampling of some of the work I’ve done representing some possible business applications you might consider. All of these signs and plaques were meticulously handcrafted by first hand-transferring the artwork to the surface of the wood then burning using a heat-regulated professional-grade pyrography pen tool. It’s a very labor-intensive process…but I find it a bit like putting myself into a kind of meditative-state which is very soothing to my soul.

One consideration I have to be careful about is making sure the wood I burn onto is all-natural and has no pre-existing stain or varnish of any kind on the surface. This is important for several reasons; 1. The application of intense heat to these chemicals can produce toxic fumes, which is a potential health hazard. So, I have to be cautious about that. And 2. Some stains, lacquers, and varnishes can melt or bleed when burned into or on, resulting in a messy liquid that comes up and has to be wiped away creating an unappealing burn line.

Many times my clients ask me to supply the wood to be worked on and I am happy to offer a variety of raw-wood products for this purpose. I don’t make a profit on the wood, simply pass my cost along to you and incorporate that cost into your final pricing.

But other clients prefer to provide their own wooden piece for me to work on. If this is the case, it’s important to know, up-front, what kind of wood is acceptable.

If you provide your own wood/item(s) it’s best if you live in the Greater Portland Metro area and I ask that you deliver the wood to me then pick up your project once it’s complete. If you live outside the Greater Portland Metro area it IS possible to ship your item to me and then I will ship the finished piece to you. My preferred shipping method is USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail and I will just pass my cost along to you to ship the item(s) back to you.

In all cases, I will provide a rough cost estimate of your job, up front, before we begin working together. However, that estimate is not a guaranteed final price. I base your deposit amount on this estimate, however, and bill you half up-front before work begins. The balance owing…which is based on actual hours devoted to your project, is due prior to pick-up/delivery of your piece.




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