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Burning Young Marilyn Monroe

Recently, a friend posted a photo of Young Marilyn Monroe on their Facebook feed that I had never seen before. I loved the sweetness and subtle colorations in this photo, so commented that it inspired me to want to burn it. And another friend, seeing my comment, contacted me privately about hiring me to burn […]

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Sunglasses Man Portrait

I wanted to burn something special for my son-in-law for his upcoming birthday. He and my daughter have been married for several years now, and while I burned a customized cutting board for him a few years ago, featuring his favorite football team; The Philadelphia Eagles, I have never burned his portrait. So, I decided […]

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Adopted Family Portrait

This wonderful family portrait is the second project I have worked on for one of my fantastic clients. I was thrilled and honored to work on another piece for him. This time the burning was to be a commemorative portrait of their beautiful family. This gift is from four siblings to their adoptive father. They […]

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