Klaus Mikaelson - small

Klaus Mikaelson Portrait

My current Work In Progress…

Klaus Michaelson is my favorite character from the television series’ The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I knew I wanted to create a series of burnings of several of the characters from both shows and it was no contest, for me, which character I wanted to burn first. Klaus is the bad guy you hate to love. He is capable of unimaginable evil and viciousness…while at the same time possessing such a depth of personality…culture, elegance, dignity, passion, devotion and even sensitivity and a tender heart. He has only become evil as a result of the evil he has suffered at the hands of those he has loved. So, I really dig the way the directors of the show have developed his character.

He is not finished. I still have quite a bit more shading to do. I’ll post another photo when I feel like I am ready to call him done.

All told…I probably have about 20 hours into this piece.

He is not for sale…copyright infringement law and all that. But if he WERE…and guestimating I’ll finish at about 25 hours…his price would be $1,500.
Klaus 1 Klaus 2 Klaus Mikkelson Burned Portrait