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Tracy - June 2022

I have been creating photo reproductions burned onto wood and leather for more than 20 years!

If you’re looking for a unique way to show your appreciation to a dedicated employee, provide a one-of-a-kind gift to a friend or loved one, wanting to celebrate a right-of-passage, or wishing to create an extra special memorial for significant life events, then a custom pyrography gift will speak volumes. Whatever your need or desire…I’m here to help you create something truly original that will last for years or generations!

I started my pyrography career burning portraits.

But once people started to see my work, they asked me to burn images that also included some kind of personalization, such as a name and/or date of birth, death, or other occasion. This led to lots of experience hand-burning letters and numbers. And that made my work more attractive to business owners who wanted signage for their storefront or employee and donor appreciation plaques with a logo or other design burned onto the surface.

Over time I’ve burned lots of different objects.

From all kinds and sizes of boxes (jewelry, urns, humidors, keepsakes, trunks, recipes, etc.) to musical instruments such as guitar bodies, necks, and drums, to leather portraits, panels, wallets, and handbags. I’ve burned designs onto wooden jewelry pieces, as well as kitchen utensils. I’m sure I can burn whatever you’re imagining, too! 😉

Standard Pricing for Custom Pyrography Projects

Wood Panel Prices

I only burn onto unfinished wood or vegetable-tanned leather surfaces. This is for several reasons, but mostly because toxic fumes can be released when burning into chemicals applied to the surface. But also because lacquers, stains, and treatments can alter the way the burn tool will react on the wood or leather. Below are my standard prices, but you can view some possible wood items HERE.

The following prices apply. Shipping will be additional, and I ship via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail (when possible.)

11 x 14 = $385
16 x 16 = $640
16 x 20 =  $800
24 x 24 =  $1,440
24 x 30 =  $1,800

A deposit of 50% is required to secure your position on my work calendar. The balance is due upon completion.

Custom Pyrography Work Other Than Listed Above


CONTACT ME to discuss details for commissioned special pieces.

  • If you’re local to NorthEast Texas, you can pick up in person and save the shipping fee.


50% Deposit

My Process and Materials

How I work & materials I use –
  • You provide your own (high quality) photo or artwork.
  • Lettering: I offer several fonts to choose from.
  • I only burn onto unfinished wood or vegetable-tanned leather.
  • Inquire about leather pricing.
  • I will email you with progress updates, including photos throughout the creation process.

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