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Siblings Portrait

My daughter, her husband, and their kids recently made a trip to the east coast to visit his family, something they haven’t done for several years now. It was an awesome experience for all of them, reconnecting with parents, brothers and sisters. And for the kids, it was awesome meeting and reconnecting with their cousins. While they were gone I decided to burn a portrait of my son-in-law as a surprise gift for his upcoming birthday. You can see that portrait HERE. He loved it so much, that he hired me to burn a portrait of him with his siblings as a gift to give their mother. He specifically requested that I leave OUT the bunny ears from his silly daughter behind the fence, lol!

Siblings Family Photo

This is such a great photo! I always consider it an honor and compliment to my artistic skills when someone hires me to portray the love and connection they feel to their family or loved ones. The fact that my son-in-law asked me to burn this special portrait of him and his siblings, as a wonderful gift to their mother, really warmed my heart.


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