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Sunglasses Man Portrait

I wanted to burn something special for my son-in-law for his upcoming birthday. He and my daughter have been married for several years now, and while I burned a customized cutting board for him a few years ago, featuring his favorite football team; The Philadelphia Eagles, I have never burned his portrait. So, I decided this might be a nice gift for him.

I went through his Facebook profile photos to find a photo I knew he liked and which also inspired my creativity. I found this one, which I really loved!

Kevin - Oct. 2018

The reflections in the sunglasses made this image extra fun to burn! And he is wearing his professional chef jacket, which I thought was a nice touch.

I had a great time burning this portrait and he loved it so much, he hired me to burn a family portrait of himself and his siblings from a photo taken during a recent trip they made to see his family on the east coast. I’ll be posting that project next!


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