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Thrift Gift Wooden Box

This wooden box was a Christmas gift client project I worked on during the month of November. This is for a teen sister team who have started their own, thriving small thrift-store business and mom and dad wanted to surprise them with a customer drop-box for items. This is the lid of a darling wooden crate for that purpose.
The girls have an Instagram profile where they post items for sale. Locals have been dropping off their thrift pieces but, until now, there has been no designated spot for those items.
This wooden box now sits on their front porch so that people can stop by, without an appointment, and just drop their items in the box.
Problem solved!
The girls don’t really have an actual “logo” designed yet…but they go by the name Happy Go Thrifts. So, the mom told me to choose a font I thought was fun for a couple of 16-year-old girls, so that’s what I did!

It means so much to me when local friends and neighbors support my small hand-burned
pyrography business! ❤ 😉
Here’s another wooden box I burned lettering onto recently.
I can burn lettering and art onto all kinds of unfinished wood and vegetable-tanned leather items. You can find lots of options ON AMAZON. Viking Woodcrafts is another great source!


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