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Two Little Girls Jewelry Boxes

Two lucky little girls will receive these adorable, handcrafted jewelry boxes!
I was contacted by a local carpenter who made two identical wooden boxes that he planned to turn into jewelry boxes as gifts for his girlfriend’s little girls.
He had already identified the images he wanted to use and the font style for their names. So, I just had to put those elements together to create a pleasing layout for the designs.
Being a woodworker himself, my client brought these to me as solid blocks of wood, which he planned to finish and turn into boxes after I completed the custom pyrography on them.
The boxes turned out super cute, and he was delighted with the finished pieces. The art he chose reflects each of the little girls’ personalities, along with their interests.
This project consisted of simple art in a style that I don’t usually do, but I was happy to take the work, and he was pleased with the finished pieces.

Here’s a CUSTOM BURNED BASEBALL BAT one father had me create as a high-school graduation gift for his 17-year-old son.



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